Expecting Too Much Too Soon When Taking Control Of Your Health!!

Expecting Too Much Too Soon When Taking Control Of Your Health

Hello folks.  Hope this new year 2019 has begun well.  I had an awesome start to the new year while we got our of space to set up our very first indigenously designed Health and Wellness Space to serve our esteemed clients in Bangalore.  This is just the beginning and best is yet to come.  I will be posting the pictures of the new setup soon.

Coming back to the topic, in my personal journey towards claiming back control of my health, especially with weight loss, I have had tough time with my expectations.  I always wanted to lose maximum amount of weight in the shortest possible time.  I used to think, “this month, I will lose 10 kilos.”  If you are someone like me, the GO AHEAD AND CLICK ON THE LIKE Button now.  Many of our clients that I meet are in Exaggerated Expectation Zone.

“Exaggerated Expectation Zone:  The zone in which your expectation of the results of your intended action is overtly exaggerated and sometimes leads you to altogether not be happy of the results or dissuade you from pursuing your action.”

I do not blame you for this.  As a society, we have started to move towards instant gratification.  Foods, entertainment, cab service, news are being served instantly and everything you want can be had in an EMI.  The world is on a high with Use-Now-Pay-Later schemes.  It puts gratification first before you earn it.  However, in the process, we have forgotten that some good still take its time to materialize, for example, a full term pregnancy still take around 36 weeks of gestation.  You get to taste the best mangoes only during the summer seasons.

When it comes to taking charge of your health, time is of great essence.  The decision that you want to take charge itself is a significant achievement given the vagaries of life.  Pat yourself for the decision.  Now, set the right expectations.  I constantly hear from our clients that they want to lose 10 –15 kg of weight in 4-6 weeks, a total shocking transformation in 12-weeks like the ones they see on social media.  There are lot of factors that determine your weight loss that are unique to each of us, so one solution doesn’t fit all.  We have to realize that weight loss is not a destination, it is a journey, and we should enjoy this journey.


As with any area of life that you want to be successful, you will have to set the goals for your health too.  Set realistic goals.  For example, if you are looking to lose weight, sit with your health coach and nutritionist and establish an appropriate goals, in short and long term.  Write it down in your diary and track it in regular intervals.


Visualize yourself as if you have achieved your goal.  Imagine how good you feel having reached your goal.  Feel contented with the effort that you have put and the result that you have got.


Your family/friends/loved ones should be aware of your goals.  Get them involved in the process.  I strongly suggest, if you are married or in a relationship, get them to your sessions with your health coach and nutritionist, so that they can be your accountability partner and support your in your goals.   Your health issues just doesn’t affect you, it has a bearing on your loved ones too.


Your journey to good health or weight loss need not be a treacherous journey.  Make it enjoyable.  Throw in some rewards for yourself when you achieve some milestones.  Take a holiday or buy a gadget that you wanted to.


Stick to a plan personalized and designed for you.  Do not overdo.  You might get excited to see faster results.  I remember during my weight loss journey, I ended up starving for a few days to drop more weight, but it turned out a nightmarish experience, I did drop few kilos, but my skin became extremely dull and I looked like I was going through some severe pain.  Just be mindful of what you are doing.  Be mindful of your limits.  If a movie star at age 50, has a six pack; do not push yourself too hard.  Just remember, they did not get it overnight and that they have worked hard for that.


It is your journey.  It is your life.  Do not compare yourself with others.  Do not evaluate your success with the results of others.  Competition sometimes might be exciting, ensure that it is not stressing you out.


Sometimes, life throws up situations which might throw us out of balance.  Face it chin up, do not give up.  Come back to the plan, rework your goals, revisit the timeline, get committed.


Life is a celebration.  Celebrate your success with your loved ones and family.  You deserve it.  You have worked for it.  Enjoy the success.


You are a great source of inspiration for others.  Help your friends and family embrace a healthy life.  Bring them to your health coach and nutritionist and help them derive the benefits of great health that you are enjoying.

Happy setting right goals and having right expectation of results.






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