Narendra is well experienced and if we follow the instructions given by him it will surely works. I was struggling to reduce my weight due to hormonal imbalance . He helped me with the plan which contains required supplements for the body and balanced diet which helped to reduce weight .Also any queries i had he will be available to answer at any point of time .i m really Thankful to him .it really worked well in my case .


I consulted Naren Sir for weight loss. I have had a huge transformation (84 kg – 63kg) with his help. Along with weight loss I was able to come out of other health issues that I had. He was available on the phone assisting me whenever I had doubt. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance and support.


When it comes to dieting, everyone has a very wrong mindset. They think that dieting means not letting a single ounce of food in their system and hence comes the apprehension n hesitation along with it. Only a very few know that it has nothing to do with starving yourself but more to do with eliminating the harmful substances from ur diet and I can’t be thankful enough to Mr. Narendra for helping me getting my facts straight. His diet plan consisted of simple and easily available food items and most importantly I never felt weak or dizzy rather I was energized. The diet added a glow to my face.In less than 3 months I reduced 10 kgs and cured my severe feet ache. What once seemed impossible could be achieved and the whole credit goes to his continous motivation and dedication…..